Business, Visual, & Technology Services 

I can help you and your business with just about anything related to technology, digital design, and online business.

  • I started programming Mac IIs back in the early 1980s.  
  • I have a BS in Business and Information Systems.  
  • I have worked within several industries from government to Internet search start-up.  I have held titles like Manager of Information Systems and Systems Administrator.


Graphic Design, Logos, Photo and Video Editing, Photography, Video Editing/Production, Photoshop, Illustrator


Web Design, CSS, HTML5, Javascript, Mobile Web Apps (HTML5), Content Management Systems (CMS), e-Commerce Store & Shopping Hosting, Payment Processing- credit cards, Ruby on Rails web apps

Native Mobile Apps

Some Android Programming

General Technology

Server and Desktop Support (Windows, Linux, Mac) Database Administration, Data Wiring, Wireless (WiFi), Virus and Spyware Removal, Printers, Application Support (including your industry specific apps), Training, Hardware and Software Vendor Selection.


Sales Optimization: e-Commerce optimization for higher sales conversion and better user experience
Mailing lists- create and manage campaigns
Social Media- Facebook pages, Twitter, etc.
SEO- Search Engine Optimization


I write Javascript, Python, and Ruby.  I have in the distant past used C, Pascal, & C++