About Sean

My Location

I was born and raised in Northern California in the San Francisco Bay area.  I relocated to Pinehurst North Carolina in 2005, where I now live with my wife, horses, and dogs on a horse farm.


I have formal education in photography, real estate, business, and computer science.  I have a BS in Business Administration and Management of Information Systems from Sonoma State University.


I have worked as a freelance commercial photographer (before digital) winning awards for advertising photography.  I also tried out residential real estate sales in my early 20s, before attending Sonoma State University to study computer science and business.

I worked in a technology management and administration capacity in the industries of commercial real estate, printing, government, horse sports, retail, and even spent a couple of years at a search engine start-up.

My job titles included system administrator, manager of information systems, & project management

The activities I engaged in included fixing/building computers, developing web sites, managing databases, writing database reports (SQL), managing consultants and projects, researching and testing hardware and software, training employees, programming, and anything else remotely related to a computer system.

What I Do Now 

I divide my time between running a horse farm, consulting for a few local clients on computer support & web marketing projects, and I develop my own ideas in the form of web sites & mobile apps.

Specifically, I enjoy mobile app development (HTML5 and Android), photography, lost wax casting, glass etching, video, and developing new business opportunities.

A Few Of My Older Personal Projects - A video horse classified site Another video horse ad site

Antares Dressage horse show entry app- An HTML 5, app using REST services for payments, database, email.